Keysure offers unmatched response times in the UK, delivering unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Keysure, a leading provider of top-quality mobile security services, ensures comprehensive coverage across the entire United Kingdom. With a commitment to safeguarding both commercial and residential properties, Keysure offers innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our highly trained team of experts is dedicated to delivering unmatched peace of mind, protecting what matters most to you. Experience the ultimate in security and protection with Keysure.


24-Hour Keyholding and Alarm Response: Protecting What Matters Round the Clock.

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The ultimate safeguard: affordable extra layer of protection for your premises.

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Morning unlocks, evening lockups: safeguarding your premises with ease.

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Unlock Peace of Mind: Join 2000+ Satisfied Customers Trusting Keysure’s Exceptional Keyholding Services

Keysure is the preeminent keyholding and alarm response company in the United Kingdom, offering unparalleled services and expertise..

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Unlock Your Peace of Mind: BS7984 Compliant Secure Keyholding

Keysure is an accredited keyholding company that adheres to full compliance, ensuring the utmost standards of professionalism and reliability.

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24/7 Mobile Response Officers: Your Swift and Efficient Solution for Alarms

Keysure offers a comprehensive 24/7 alarm response service, ensuring prompt assistance and peace of mind.

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Enhance Security: Mobile Patrols, Unlocks, and Inspections for Added Protection

Keysure will diligently attend your premises at the agreed-upon times, regardless of day or night, and regardless of the weather conditions.

We are delighted with the outstanding service provided by Keysure, who handle keyholding services for our 80 DVSA sites across the UK. Their prompt service delivery and constant availability for answering our queries have been exemplary.

Representing the DVSA, Toni Stoddart.


Trusted by thousands of customers

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Unifying forces is imperative, for we are stronger when united.

Keysure is a proud member of the OMS group of companies, dedicated to delivering top-tier facilities management and security services throughout the United Kingdom.