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Keysure Keyholding and Alarm Response Company
Keysure Keyholding and Alarm Response Company
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Keysure Keyholding and Alarm Response Company

Keysure - Keyholding, Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response

Keysure is the UK leading mobile support services company providing everything from alarm response for intruder alarms to property inspections for insurance companies.

Keysure - Keyholding, Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response

Keysure is the UK leading mobile support services company providing everything from alarm response for intruder alarms to property inspections for insurance companies.



“With thousands of alarm response units across the UK we can provide both a local and national service”

With our SIA approved contractor certification, you can rest assured our security specialists will provide high-quality, tailored service for both domestic and commercial clients. With our intelligent ideas and personal approach to tailored security solutions, we can protect you, your family, or your business from daily security risks.


We deliver a range of services to the commercial and residential sector across the UK.


Keysure is ranked in the top 15% of SIA approved contractors and holds BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation.

We believe in long-lasting partnerships, with a dependable, honest, and innovative service, which is why we are ranked in the top 15% of security companies within the UK. Keysure have an excellent reputation for embracing emerging technologies and supporting our employees, community, and the corporate sector, which we work very hard to maintain.


What services do you provide?2020-05-01T10:47:31+00:00

We provide keyholding, alarm response and mobile patrol services. It doesn’t matter what your requirement is, if you need a mobile security officer to attend your premises to check on lone workers, give contractors access or simply check the welfare of your premises, we can help. As a specialist provider of mobile security services we are confident we can cover all of your requirements.

What areas do you cover?2020-05-01T10:42:21+00:00

As a nationwide company we can cover almost any location within the UK. We have 2000+ responders throughout the UK who can respond to your alarm activation within a moments notice. We actively work with multi-site retail chains, distilleries in rural Scotland, car showrooms and residential premises. Get a free instant quote now.

Alarm response times?2020-09-29T15:03:15+00:00

We aim to attend your premises as quickly as possible to investigate the reason for an alarm activation. As soon as our control room receive confirmation of an alarm activation we will deploy an SIA licensed security patrol officer to attend your premises and investigate the cause of the alarm. Response times will vary from time-to-time as this is a shared service, but we will always treat your business like it was our own and make it our mission to get there as quickly as possible.

Property Inspections2021-03-30T12:08:19+00:00

With national security at an all-time high, your property is more vulnerable than ever to theft, squatting or general vandalism and graffiti. Keysure guards can help in preventing all of these.

A property inspection can be the answer if you fall into the examples below:

– You’re out of the country for business or pleasure
– You have staff or contractors entering your home when you’re not there
– You own more than one property which can be unoccupied for long periods
– You live in a quiet, secluded area

How does it work?

Keysure will carry out inspections report on anything that may cause a threat to your property’s security such as closed-circuit camera obstructions, health and safety hazards or structural and aesthetic damage to the building and surrounding areas.

You may also be renovating your existing home or building from scratch, so you are staying elsewhere, but you require contractors to have access to the property at any given time. This is when a property inspection is necessary, to make sure the property is safe as well as secure, to ensure that your insurance covers you in case of any break ins or damage to your property.

All windows and doors are inspected for signs of intrusion and security measures checked for tampering. We also provide a meter reading service if required.

Mobile Patrols2020-09-30T13:57:49+00:00

Uniformed mobile patrol officers on patrol at your home are an incredibly effective crime deterrent, making your home less attractive to burglars and trespassers. The officers visit the premises as frequently as it is agreed with you. The frequency can vary from a number of times in a day to several times a month, depending on your needs and the type of premises involved.

Mobile security officers are also back-up for key holding services, they react to alarm activations and carry out locking and unlocking of premises, as well as welfare checks for vulnerable residents.

How does it work?

At Keysure we can provide patrols of your property at either random or prearranged times, acting as a visual deterrent to would-be offenders but also to ensure that windows and doors are properly secured, avoiding a window of opportunity to crime.

This service is available to individual homeowners, but it can also be suitable for Neighbourhood Watch schemes and gated communities, or anywhere where homeowners residing in the same street want to join forces in securing their homes, as our response is generally quicker than the police.

Should a break-in occur, a fast response is crucial and Keysure’s patrol guards will confidently liaise with police and emergency services, as well as carry out all appropriate checks of the premises to find the cause of the alarm activation prior to compiling a detailed incident report.

Keyholding Services2020-09-30T13:56:53+00:00

Alongside our other property protection services, we also offer an emergency keyholding service. We securely keep a set of keys to your property and become the on-call key-holder for any alarm activations or for emergency services 24 hours a day, or even if it’s just to let contractors in.

Your keys are stored, unmarked, in accordance with British Standard BS7984, giving you the reassurance that any alarm response, lost key service, access to approved contractors and the likes, is completely covered by Keysure, without any disruption to you.

Keysure’s reliable and secure key holding service will appear as the primary key holder with your alarm receiving centre (ARC), so a guard will be deployed immediately to visit your property, not only to thoroughly investigate and completely re-ensure your property, but also to provide you with a comprehensive report on the causes of the activation and any action taken.

How does it work?

When an alarm is activated at your property, the alarm device is programmed to alert the ARC, and for key-holder response alarms, the operator will contact your pre-selected list of key-holders in priority order.

Normally, as the property owner, you would be the first person the ARC operator would phone. If there is no response from you, the operator would then proceed to call the next key-holder on your list until they reach someone and inform them of the alarm activation.

With the Keysure keyholding service, we will be the first key holding contact and could be at the property typically within 20 minutes.

Alarm Response2020-09-30T13:55:42+00:00

Research tells us there is a burglary on average every 37 seconds in the UK, with 1m attempted or carried out every year.

As much as 20% of British homes experience more than one incident each year and 13% are even burgled twice. It’s believed that most incidents happen during the night, however, daytime burglaries are on the increase too, especially in secluded areas.

How does it work?

In the event the alarm is deemed false, Keysure’s response officers will attend your home, conduct a full security audit of the premises, reset your alarm, check all the points of entry to your home and ensure that all the locks are engaged and windows are locked.

If the alarm activation is confirmed as genuine, our officers will immediately attend, arrive on-site quickly, and carry out all the agreed security procedures to secure your property and the police will also be notified.

In case of any damage to the property, Keysure officers will liaise with the police and approved contractors on your behalf and will remain on site until the property has been made secure. A record of our attendance at your property will be generated and communicated to you, detailing times, causes and action taken.

Vacant Property Services2020-09-30T14:08:21+00:00

Vacant property inspections are a very efficient way to monitor empty properties, building and grounds condition, including notification of any fly tipping or events of vandalism on the site.

Damage to property can reduce its sale or rental value so reporting unnoticed damage or decay early ensures the necessary repairs are carried out in a timely manner rather than allow a few small problems to escalate into a major financial loss.

How does it work?

Vacant site inspections can be carried out on as regularly as required. The Keysure guard will compile a report after each visit and send it to the client. These reports can be invaluable to a client in evaluating any threat from vandalism or property decay and measures can be put in place to counteract these threats.

Depending on your individual needs, we can arrange for a Keysure guard to attend to the site, so they can grant access for any authorised individuals, or to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your property. The guard will also check for any leaks or water damage, they can take meter readings if required and check for any electrical or fire hazards. Our guard will also ensure that all windows and doors are locked securely and that all alarms are fully engaged with no faults showing.

Keysure is the perfect solution to your security requirements, whether it is a residential or commercial property.

Unlock and Lockup Services2020-09-30T14:04:12+00:00

Locking and unlocking is a very important task that shouldn’t be undertaken by unreliable or untrained staff. Keysure SIA-licensed officers are intensively trained, DBS checked, and have a strong knowledge of your alarm operating system and your insurance policy’s requirements.

A huge variety of businesses and commercial property owners entrust the locking and unlocking their property to Keysure’s highly-trained and professional security staff.

Keysure can provide lockup and unlock services on a schedule or on an ad hoc basis, tailoring our services to your needs, creating a plan just for you and holding your keys in accordance with British Standard BS7984.

How does it work?

At Keysure, we tailor our services to suit your needs. It’s common for business premises to allow access to night workers, maintenance contractors, cleaners or to other pre-arranged site visitors. We can return at any time to let someone in and lock-up after they finish.

Unlocking Service

Before the start of business, Keysure guards can arrive at your business property to open doors, disable alarms, carry out routine checks throughout the building and create a hassle-free environment for you to start your day.

Locking up Service

At close of business, Keysure guards will ensure the property is empty, including the fire exits, check for any fire hazards and set all the alarms. Keysure operates with strict security regulations in order to guarantee professional protection of your assets and staff.

Mobile Patrol Services2020-10-02T15:01:43+00:00

Mobile security patrols offer an alternative where a static security guard is not deemed necessary, while still providing an effective security solution to help prevent theft, vandalism or any other criminal activity and respond quickly and professionally should there be an emergency.

Mobile patrols are an incredibly effective option for most commercial sites, as they offer 24/7 construction site security and retail security on a regular basis. Keysure officers visit your site out of hours, when your business is at its most vulnerable, protecting your property or establishment with no disruption to your business activity.

How does it work?

During a patrol, a fully trained Keysure security guard from will visit your site out of hours at random intervals. Our guards will arrive in clearly marked patrol cars, advertising the fact that your property is protected by a security officer to potential criminals.

Keysure mobile patrol officers perform a full check on the integrity of your site, recording or dealing with any irregularities or security breaches they find.

All our security staff are fully trained, DBS checked and SIA licensed, providing a very flexible security service to suit your needs.

Keyholding and Alarm Response2020-09-30T13:59:32+00:00

Every business must register at least two key holders, one of which must be able to attend to alarm activation’s whenever they occur and should be reachable on a 24-hour basis.

The key holders must have an understanding of how the alarm system works and must have all the contact information to deal with their alarm receiving centre including passwords. In addition, they must be able to attend quickly, especially in the event of false alarms or police response to your property may be withdrawn.

At Keysure, we take care of all of this for you so you can have complete peace of mind.

How does it work?

Keysure’s on-call officers can attend in the event of alarm activation, access the building and deal with any issues or causes of the activation whether it is due to an actual break in or for other reasons, such as power loss, weather conditions, or a system fault.

Benefits of using Keysure

– Your keys are held by Keysure following the industry key-holding standard BS 7984
– Reliable fast response to any intruder alarm activations at your property
– You don’t have to nominate staff as key-holders
– Organising police attendance and emergency contractors to repair damage as required
– Your site is secured before we leave
– An accurate report of all actions taken is provided