If you are looking for a keyholding and alarm response company to respond to your intruder alarm in the event of an activation, we can help.

Protecting your commercial or residential property is essential, especially if the property lays vacant for periods of time. So, you will be pleased to know that the top priority for our professional SIA-approved security team is protecting your premises. Our keyholding and alarm response solution will take the stress and pressure away, with a service that is completely tailored to your specific requirements.

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Keysure Keyholding and Alarm Response London

Residential keyholding and alarm response with optional inspections.

Protecting your property, whether residential or commercial, is something that concerns everyone, especially when the property is being left vacant for more than a few days.

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Commercial keyholding, mobile security services and alarm response.

Almost all break-ins at commercial premises occur out of hours. Therefore, we offer commercial keyholding and alarm response service that involves deploying an SIA licensed security guard.

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We are the leading provider of planned and unplanned emergency response

Keysure has an highly experienced support infrastructure and management team, over 10 years trading and is members of the SIA approved contractor scheme.

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Locking and unlocking is a very important task that shouldn’t be undertaken by unreliable staff.

Keysure SIA-licensed officers are intensively trained, DBS checked, and have a strong knowledge of your alarm operating system and your insurance policy’s requirements.

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