Key Holding and Alarm Response Security Measures

Keyholding is a security necessity for all businesses. If you have an alarm installed at your business, which does not inform anybody that the alarm has been triggered, then it’s a pointless alarm. It’s a security measure that is almost as useless as not having an alarm at all. These days most workplaces are secured with key holding and alarm response, which does offer an increased method of security. This means that each business will have a designated key holder, who lives locally, and has an obligation to attend every alarm call as promptly as possible. The keyholder might be a member of staff or it might be a professional key holding company.

10 reasons why it’s safer and more cost-effective to choose a professional security company for your key holding needs

  1. If your key holder is a member of staff, you are putting their safety at risk. 5% of alarm calls are not false alarms and in the case of a real break-in, your member of staff is vulnerable to attack.
  2. Research shows that the company key holder tends to be a key member of staff. Should this member of staff be attacked whilst responding to a real alarm call, the potential absent recovery period off work will cost you money. You will be short-staffed and this can only lead to inefficiencies in the every day running of your business.
  3. It is not advisable to have just one key holder. Key holders should respond to alarm calls in pairs, given the potential danger they may be in. If you have two key holders, then you have two members of staff who are vulnerable to attack.
  4. When the key holders are two individual staff members, who live separately but must attend each alarm call together, it is inevitable that one will arrive at the property earlier than the other. This means one key holder will always be more vulnerable to attack.
  5. Property crime accounts for approximately 70% of all crime and 22% of that is violent crime (according to the British Crime Survey 2009/2010). The possibility that the alarm call-out may involve violence is very real.
  6. Most alarm calls are false and most occur during unsociable hours. They don’t even have to be frequent to be massively inconvenient and upsetting to your staff key holders’ lives outside of work.
  7. Your staff members must fully understand the mechanics of the alarm itself in order to get it switched off in a timely fashion
  8. A security professional is trained to deal lots of different situations that may arise from an alarm being set off. Are your staff members?
  9. By hiring a professional, you are showing your staff that you care about them.
  10. With a professional security firm you are limiting the potential liability to yourself, should anything happen to the key holders

To conclude, can you afford not to hire the services of a professional key holding company? The risk and potential loss of money, not to mention the impact on your conscience (should your staff member suffer an attack) are all good reasons to leave the key holding to the professionals.

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