Research tells us there is a burglary on average every 37 seconds in the UK, with 1m attempted or carried out every year.

As much as 20% of British homes experience more than one incident each year and 13% are even burgled twice. It’s believed that most incidents happen during the night, however, daytime burglaries are on the increase too, especially in secluded areas.

How does it work?

In the event the alarm is deemed false, Keysure’s response officers will attend your home, conduct a full security audit of the premises, reset your alarm, check all the points of entry to your home and ensure that all the locks are engaged and windows are locked.

If the alarm activation is confirmed as genuine, our officers will immediately attend, arrive on-site quickly, and carry out all the agreed security procedures to secure your property and the police will also be notified.

In case of any damage to the property, Keysure officers will liaise with the police and approved contractors on your behalf and will remain on site until the property has been made secure. A record of our attendance at your property will be generated and communicated to you, detailing times, causes and action taken.

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