Alongside our other property protection services, we also offer an emergency keyholding service. We securely keep a set of keys to your property and become the on-call key-holder for any alarm activations or for emergency services 24 hours a day, or even if it’s just to let contractors in.

Your keys are stored, unmarked, in accordance with British Standard BS7984, giving you the reassurance that any alarm response, lost key service, access to approved contractors and the likes, is completely covered by Keysure, without any disruption to you.

Keysure’s reliable and secure key holding service will appear as the primary key holder with your alarm receiving centre (ARC), so a guard will be deployed immediately to visit your property, not only to thoroughly investigate and completely re-ensure your property, but also to provide you with a comprehensive report on the causes of the activation and any action taken.

How does it work?

When an alarm is activated at your property, the alarm device is programmed to alert the ARC, and for key-holder response alarms, the operator will contact your pre-selected list of key-holders in priority order.

Normally, as the property owner, you would be the first person the ARC operator would phone. If there is no response from you, the operator would then proceed to call the next key-holder on your list until they reach someone and inform them of the alarm activation.

With the Keysure keyholding service, we will be the first key holding contact and could be at the property typically within 20 minutes.

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