With national security at an all-time high, your property is more vulnerable than ever to theft, squatting or general vandalism and graffiti. Keysure guards can help in preventing all of these.

A property inspection can be the answer if you fall into the examples below:

– You’re out of the country for business or pleasure
– You have staff or contractors entering your home when you’re not there
– You own more than one property which can be unoccupied for long periods
– You live in a quiet, secluded area

How does it work?

Keysure will carry out inspections report on anything that may cause a threat to your property’s security such as closed-circuit camera obstructions, health and safety hazards or structural and aesthetic damage to the building and surrounding areas.

You may also be renovating your existing home or building from scratch, so you are staying elsewhere, but you require contractors to have access to the property at any given time. This is when a property inspection is necessary, to make sure the property is safe as well as secure, to ensure that your insurance covers you in case of any break ins or damage to your property.

All windows and doors are inspected for signs of intrusion and security measures checked for tampering. We also provide a meter reading service if required.

Unsure? Get Keysure.

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